Jeff Rients - Professional Drummer producer

Jeff Rients is a professional drummer that grew up in the small town of Graettinger Iowa and moved to the mean streets of Hollywood in the 1980s, toured across America and now lives in Center Point Iowa. Jeff started playing drums at 8 years old and continues a professional music career today

Notable musicians Jeff has played with throughout his career begin with heavy metal bassist David Eleffson of Megadeth. Giutarist Jimmy Stafford of the band Train as well as Bob Birch bassist for Elton John.

In the early 1980s' Jeff played drums in his childhood band " Renegade " with singer Al Morphew, guitarist Bill Heller and Bassist David Eleffson. The original coniguration of this band band which included Mark Hill produced one vinyl 45 when Jeff was just age 14 and was a regional juke box hit with " Rescue me " and " Dont stop lets rock". The later band configuration with Morphew, Eleffson, Heller, Cervera and Rients produced a local radio hit with " Into the light ". Engineered by Howdy Brown and Kirk kaufman of the "Hawks", which now sits at the top of the Iowa Rock and roll hall of fame. Renegade made its career in the midwest ballroom circuit cutting its teeth at The Okoboji Roof garden and ballrooms through out Minnesota. Playing with big draw bands out of Minnepolis like Chameleon which of course went on to spawn the Adult contemporary artist " Yani " and drummer Charlie adams .

In 1983 Jeff made his way to Hollywood California to continue playing music. While attending the famed musicians institute of Los Angeles Jeff began recording with " Train" Guitarist Jimmy Stafford for a pop song " Got That Girl " , Jeff decided playing live shows was the best way for him to go. He embarked on the ever savy process of putting together music projects. Band line ups included singer Al Morphew and Jimmy Stafford and so many different club musicians they cant all be counted or remembered. While activley operating the famed Sunset strip in the 1990s the most influential band of that era with Jeff on drums was a band called " Mirror " This band produced  1 cd simply entitled Mirror. Influences were heavy with Queensryche and Led Zeppelin. Cd can be found at This staple band played the Whiskey a go go, the Roxy theatere and  Doug Westins Troubadour. You can see the band video at also most notable songs recieving popular airplay are Tell me why, and Sacred son have reached over 25 thousand plays on Jango Radio each  month and seems to be very popular all over internet radio. Update soon for 2013.

In the mid 1990s Jeff was back in Iowa touring with national recording artists " The Litterer band " This band was a very big midwestern draw with a large following playing with all the great classic rock artists James Young, Styx, Night Ranger Reo Speed wagon and Head East to name a few. This band produced 3 albums the 3rd being repackaged with art work produced by Jeff Rients( please see discography for cd cover art work ).

In 1998 Jeff Formed a band called " Ratbone " This band produced 1 cd with studio engineerKirk Kaufman at Jr. Motel recording Otho Iowa. Along with Hollywood producer Jimmie Hunter of Cazador Studios Most notable works with Ray Manzarek of the Doors, Cher' Nick Gilder, and Steppenwolf to name only a few.

Jeff' working on the Ratbone project with guitarist Brado, Brad Lovstad and Elton John Bassist Bob Birch produced 2 songs that made the collge music charts at number 16 with John Flanagan radio promotions Hollywood. Ratbone is enjoying a new world wide resurgence in 2012 with sales and radio airplay by The songs High touch town and Creep have now surpassed 101 thousand plays each on world wide internet radio. We have recently added 2 more songs Ratbone Crazy and Sunshine Daisy, each reaching 65 thousand plays this year. Update soon for 2013

As the new millenium creeped upon us in 2001 Jeff hooked up with old country Blues friends from Iowa to form the "Prairie Land band " This band so far has produced 2 cds and working on a 3rd studio record See the bands music videos at also This band concentrates on tribute music to Hank Williams, Johnny cash,Merle Haggard and Jimmy Rogers.

The band is mostly led by 75 year old country singer Icon Doc Samuelson on vocals and what ever he feels like doing that day. mainly fishing . We are currantly touring casinos of the midwest and working on our 3rd studio cd. The Prairie Land Band is also recieving a large market share of Jango internet radio with( 4 songs reaching over 35 thousand plays each) and still charting each week. Update soon for 2013. In July of 2014 Jeff Rients hooked up with a band called Farm Rock which can be found at featuring all veteran musicians fronted by singer guitar player Kendall Obermier, lead guitar player Ryan Van Arkel and bass player Dan calvert ... More to come! 

Notable musicians of the Prairie Land Band are Doc Samuelson vocals,Don Samuelson bass, Glen Samuelson guitar and vocals, Neal Ruge guitar and vocals, Ranche' Doug Hines on Honkytonk piano and jeff Rients on drums and showing up early and often.

Jeff Rients September, summer of 2023 with the band Renegade to be inducted into the IOWA ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME LIFETIME ACHIEVMENT AWARD!!!!! Iowa rock and roll museum 

Jeff's professional career has many thanks and many notable friends musicians and producers.

Al Morphew singer song writer and producer

Jimmie Hunter Hollywood producer

Kirk kaufman producer engineer Jr. motel recording Otho Iowa

David Eleffson

Jimmy stafford

Bob Birch

Distribution and sales

radio airplay

Jeff Rients Jeff Rients Hall of fame class of 2023